Austin Cash's Scrum FAQ

What is Scrum?

One would say that Scrum is a plan that companies can use to develop certain products and oversee the entire process. Empiricism, which Scrum is founded on, is the belief that the knowledge one has was acquired from past experiences and making analytical choices can only be done from current information known. Scrum assists in various projects, like research or developing operational environments for product use.


What Transparency means in the Scrum method is that everyone should have the same view and understanding on certain aspects in the planned process. People participating in the Scrum Team should have a common standard within that the team will uphold.


At certain times during the development period, the Scrum Team will be evaluated and tracked to see how far they are from their Sprint Goal. They, also check to see if there are any problems going on that need to be surfaced.


If someone inspecting the future product finds an error in the development, there will be changes made to make sure the final product is not inoperable. There are certain events that take place inside to make sure this does not happen.