After being born in China and adopted at as an infant, I moved and grew up in Dallas, Georgia, just an hour away from Atlanta. I began playing piano when I was eight years old, and my love for playing music has continued to grow since then. I began playing clarinet in the sixth grade, and then went on to play oboe in eighth grade; I now play oboe in the top performing ensemble at Georgia Southern University. I was also a competetive gymnast all throughout middle and high school, and my love and appreciation for the sport of gymnastics has helped shaped me into the person I am today.


I am an Information Technology student specializing in web and multimedia development, with a minor in applied music. During my sophomore year, I was taking a web page development class and that is when I realized that web development was where my main interest in IT was. Although I appreciate and enjoy the other areas of information technology, web development will allow me to continuously learn and create, which will give me the opportunity to utilize my creativity to design for others. I am organized, creative, and service-driven, and I believe these characteristics will allow me to succeed as a web developer.

Dream Job

Growing up, my mother always told me that I needed to have a career where I could work for myself because of my independent and headstrong personaility. I have always dreamed of being able to work for myself, and being a freelance web developer is my ultimate goal. I believe being able to choose my clients, work in my own space, and be free to use my own ideas and creativity without the contraints of corporate business leaders would be the most beneficial environment for me to create my best work. I would love to be able to have a home office and a schedule that is in most of my control rather than a typical 8-5 work day at a corporate office. However, I wouldn't mind working for a company that specializes in helping start-up companies up and running because I love seeing business dreams come true for hard-working people.